Sweet Tee

Queens, NY Rapper Sweet Tee (born Toi Jackson), is truly one of the pioneer Female emcee’s in the hip community. She started out her career with the recording “One for the Treble” with known Producer/DJ Davy DMX. It Wasn’t long after Sweet Tee met producer Herby “luv Bug” Azor, who is also credited for producing Salt N Pepa, Kid’N Play, Dana Dane and Kwame.

She joined the Idol Makers camp and began working with Herby in the studio to record her first solo song “its My Beat”. That song becomes a worldwide hit, which landed her a deal with Profile Records. After the success of that single, Sweet Tee followed up with the second single “I Got the Feel”/”Its like that Y’all.” I got the Feeling” became a popular song for radio and the club scene and started gaining major notoriety. Due to the fan base and the success of the single, Sweet Tee went back in the studio and recorder her album “it’s Tee Time” and released the first single off of the album “on the Smooth Tip.” Once the studio work was done, Sweet Tee started touring and didn’t stop until well into the 90’s. A video was also released for “why did it Have to Be Me” another single off the “it’s Tee Time” Album which featured CHerese Rose from the group “Changing Faces.” In the mid 90’s Sweet Tee’s “I got the feeling” was remixed by production group Tin-Tin out in London “the Feeling” and the song hit the top of the pop charts.

Success for Sweet Tee didn’t stop there, in the late 90’s JMJ Records a subsidiary of Def Jam Recordings signed Sweet Tee aka Suga and the first release “What’s up Star” was on the soundtrack to the move “the Show.” Sweet Tee then hitthe road with Onyx, Erick Sermon, Wu Tang Clan, Redman and Method Man for a promotional tour for the soundtrack. Among some of the bigger venue events she preformed at Apollo Theatre and Soul Train was two that always stuck out as some of her most memorable shows.

Sweet Tee has received write-ups and full page pictures in Word Up magazine, Rap Masters, Vibe Magazine, The Source as well as many other online reviews and blog sites.

Queen Latifa also wrote about how Sweet Tee inspired her in her book “Ladies First” (pages 58-59).